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ILTOM was founded in 1970 as a craft company specializing in sheet metal, steel and similar product manufacturing. The important partnership with other companies lead, in 2005, to the establishment of ILTOMGROUP, an industrial holding operating in its reference market offering a wide range of new services to its clients.

ILTOM Group carries out its activity in the following sectors: sheet metal working, metalwork, industrial powder coating, sheet metal forming, precision mechanical machining, carbon fibre machining, integration and wiring and screen printing in compliance with the clients’ designs and/or specifications. Moreover, it designs and manufactures forming dies. The constant technological renovation and experience have allowed the company to become a leader in its field.




ILTOM, a craft company that specializes in sheet metal, steel and similar product working, is created the company is located in Madignano (CR), Italy.
(5 employees - surface area of 1,000sqm);




ILTOM specializes in special welding.
The company buys the first 21-station CNC punching machine (AMADA) available on the market




The search for technological innovation continues with the company evaluating the purchase of a new generation punching and sharing machine provided with loading and unloading system. (20 employees -2,500 sq m)




The company buys the first FINNPOWER PUNCHING MACHINE.





After about 14 years, the craft company undergoes a generational change with the sons entering the business.
ILTOM starts a new development phase (40 employees – 4,000 sq m)




The company buys the two first FINNPOWER punching machines.
The company buys two Welding Robots.





STEV&CO, a company that specializes in SCREEN PRINTING, is created.
ILTOM buys its first FINNPOWER LASER MACHINE. (50 employees – 6,000 sq m)




ILTOM continues its technological development by buying 2 FINNPOWER PUNCHING MACHINES, 1 FINNPOWER BENDER and 1 FINNPOWER COMBINED MACHINE.









ILTOM buys the NIGHT TRAIN FINNPOWER automatic warehouse, allowing to automatically load and unload the sheet metal directly on the connected punching machines.
  • The company buys a 3D control machine.
  • The company buys SOLID EDGE software for the technical office.
  • The company, with 80 employees, buys the AS400 management software.



The sudden development occurred during the period 1994-1999 leads the new company to look for a new area and build, in 2000, the new industrial site in Romanengo.
ILTOM changes its corporate form to SPA (130 employees – 16,000 sq m)




AZCOLOR srl (located in the industrial site of Romanengo), that specializes in industrial powder coating, is created (145 employees – 18,300 sq m)




ILTOM acquires BASSI srl, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of forming dies and special machines
(220 employees – 21,000 sq m)




The management decides to keep on expanding not only on the domestic market but also on the foreign market by starting a partnership with its first client in France.




PROJECTS & STYLE srl, a company established to ensure ILTOM Italian clients with small series productions and/or manufacturing special products a quick and quality service, is established. (250 employees – 24,300 sq m)




SC FRAVEN, a company specializing in metal sheet working to meet new market needs and the demand in low-cost countries, is created. ILTOM purchases a field in Zalau, Romania (CLUJ-NAPOCA area) and has an industrial building constructed. 
(260 employees – 25,800 sq m)




The significant development of foreign markets, in particular France (10 important clients) leads the Management to acquire ABBAX, a French company based in St. Priest (near Lyon), which therefore becomes part of the ILTOM group. ABBAXROM, a company located in Romania (in Moreni, near Bucarest), already owned by Abbax France, is acquired too since:
  • The staff is competent in mecano-welding.
  • This acquisition allows the group to be present in two strategic areas in Romania.
  • AbbaxRom is located in the immediate vicinity of a big Italian client which may open up new work opportunities.



ABBAX MACON is created. This company allows ILTOM Group to offer a just-in-time service with 100% on time delivery service as well as to solve any quality and delivery problem in a very short time. The company in St. Priest is maintained so as not to lose the operator’s expertise in mecano-welding and because of its proximity to 4 other important French clients. (345 employees – 34,800 sq m).



In line with the development strategy, ILTOM (350 employees – 36,500 sq m) decides to::
  • Erect a new industrial building to improve the layout and appearance of Screen printing and invest in a new automatic Screen printing machine.
  • Enlarge AzColor industrial building by 1,700 sq m.
  • Purchase the third LASER machine for ILTOM spa and two LASER machines for ABBAX in St. Priest.
  • Purchase a new electric bender for ILTOM spa.
  • Purchase a 500-Ton press for BASSI srl.
  • Replace AS400 management software with SAP BusinessOne.



Despite the very critical phase both Italy and Europe are going through, the company decides to continue developing the group and in the same year:
  • It purchases the second coating plant for AZColor srl.
  • A Logistic Base is opened in Bordeaux to keep ensuring the JIT service.



After 7 years of expansion on the French market, the company starts entering new markets such as Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Poland and Turkey
  • The company decides to move the carbon fibre production from BASSI srl to ABBAXROM to ensure the continuity of a special working, being the Romanian company located near the client’s one.
  • The company buys a digital printer which renovates and completely changes the future of screen printing.



ABBAX FRANCE, a company incorporating the three sites of Dagneux, Macon and Bordeaux, is established for organisational needs.
The Toyota method is first adopted at ILTOM parent company and then by the other businesses and the first concepts of Lean Production are developed through the application of the 5S. The COMBINED LASER MACHINE in ILTOM undergoes a remarkable retrofitting with the replacement of the Laser source with a new one.
 • The company purchases an automatic and more performant crimping machine.
 • FRAVEN industrial building is enlarged by 1,000 sq m.
 • The company buys a punching machine and a laser machine for FRAVEN.
 • The company purchases a field in the area of Lyon to move the current site in St. Priest, and adds two coating plants.
 • The company buys the second digital printer for Stev&Co.



The company buys two new commercial vehicles to keep ensuring a high-level service to all French clients
  • It buys an automatic spot welding machine, a FINNPOWER electric press brake and a FINNPOWER electric bender.
  • In March, it acquires REXO company in Thiers, France, which offers the Group the opportunity to enter new market sectors such as the railway and the integration markets as well as the possibility to look for more and more demanding clients having highly-skilled staff competent in mecano-welding and in the special working of metalwork in general.
  • REXO’s machinery fleet includes a powder and liquid coating plant.
  • The company acquires MARVEN di Marchetti G & C s.n.c
  • In November, due to organisational needs, the company decides to merge Projects & Style and BASSI srl in one single company called BASSI PROJECTS srl This action brings about an improvement in efficiency and productivity of some departments as well as a synergy between the two companies and the presence on the market of a solid and complete company.



Iltom Group acquires «BRESTOFRANCE», a company specializing in sheet metal working, powder coating and Industrial assembly. “AZCOLOR srl” is incorporated into
BASSI PROJECTS srl” and the powder coating cabin of plant 1 is replaced.




ILTOM acquista il 100% della HERA INVESTISSEMENT S.A. Gruppo francese attivo nel settore della carpenteria leggera e dei prodotti per manutenzione e stoccaggio. With the above acquisition, ILTOM Group becomes one of the 5 biggest groups specializing in sheet metal working in Europe, with a bigger network of international clients and a more outstanding range of machinery and raw material suppliers.




  • The company purchases a 30,000 sq m field in Romania to start developing new sites there.
  • The company has an industrial site erected over a surface area of 3,000 sq m and buys a powder coating plant.
  • Stev & Co is enlarged with a new department for digital printing.
  • The company purchases a new industrial building for ABBAX MACON.
  • ILTOM enters the WIRING market
  • A new industrial building is renovated for the WIRING / INTEGRATION services
  • ISO26000 certification



  • The company purchases and replaces the Powder coating Cabin of plant 2
  • MOG according to the prescriptions of Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008, ART. 30, Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, BS OHSAS 18001-2007, UNI INAIL GUIDELINES
  • The group starts the certification project ISO 9001 CORPORATE




Start of the project "Industry 4.0" with the purchase of:
  One Mitsubishi Laser with an automatic warehouse.
  One Salvagnini P2Lean Panel Bender.
  One Salvagnini B3 bending machine.
  One Amada HG 1003 press brake.




The Project "Industry 4.0" continues with the purchase of:
  A laser Mitsubishi ML3015eX-F40.
  A bending robot Amada HG1003 ARS.
  A bendind Amada HG1003 ATC.
  An Electro-discharge Fanuc Robocut a-C600iB.
  A laser Mitsubishi ML3015SR-F40 M700.
  2 robot di peinture Lesta - Robot LeBot MV-A6
  A laser Mitsubishi ML3015eX-F60 M700
Other machines are also purchased in several French locations:
  CMA Industrie - A Presse-plieuse Amada HG1003 ATC
  Paillet Industrie - A Presse-plieuse Amada HG1003 ATC
  Paillet Industrie - A laser Mitsubishi ML3015eX-F40
  Bresto France - A Presse-plieuse Amada HG1003 ATC
  Bresto France – A laser FinnPower




The Project "Industry 4.0" continues with the purchase of:
  2 bendind Amada HG1003 ATC.
  A surface Grinding Fanuc Rosa Iron 16.6 CN.